Important Notes (Must Read)


  1. This service is subject to a 24-month contract (“Contract Period”) and by subscribing to any of PR1MA Comm Product/Service as mentioned in Section B (the “Services”), the applicant or subscriber (the “Customer”) is bound by the Terms and Conditions setforth herewith. Any termination of the Services by the Customer within the Contract Period shall be penalised with an early termination fee of RM500.00 and made payable to PR1MA Comm.
  2. PR1MA COMM RESIDENTIAL BROADBAND PLAN is on a Best Efforts Basis (refer to Best Effort Basis” clause).
  3. In the event the Customer requests to downgrade the existing package of the Services, such request is subject to a fee of RM200 per application made payable to PR1MA Comm.
  4. The 1st PR1MA Comm bill will include a stamp duty fee and the bill will be pro-rated accordingly.
  5. There will be no installation fee for standard installation.


  1. Upon receiving the application form from the Customer, PR1MA Comm will inform and set the appointment date for installation of the Services to the Customer accordingly.
  2. Any additional charges imposed by the PR1MA Comm appointed external contractors for concealed wiring, over ceiling, customized wiring etc. in the Customer’s premises shall not be covered by the standard PR1MA Comm installation practice and such charges shall be borne by the Customer.
  3. The Customer or any authorised person must be present at the installation address to allow access for the contractor to complete the installation works and sign the necessary installation document.
  4. Any request for deferment or changes to the appointment date for installation of the Services by the Customer is subject to penalty fee of RM200.00 made payable to PR1MA Comm. Such request shall be made available and informed to PR1MA Comm accordingly at least 24 hours before the appointment date. Any new appointment date for installation of the Services is subject to PR1MA Comm and the appointed external contractor’s availability.
  5. Drilling works shall not be required in all PR1MA Homes where all units are installed with the fibre optic wiring which capable for the standard installation. In the event the Customer requests to relocate the fibre optic wall socket location in the premises, minimal drilling works is required to the premises and PR1MA Comm assumes that the Customer has obtained all necessary approval and/or consent required for drilling purposes on the said premises.

Best Efforts Basis
PR1MA Comm would not be able to guarantee on the quality and/or timely delivery of the data being delivered to the Customer. For the avoidance of doubt, the Services shall apply to all Customers on a Best-Effort Basis where all Customers are being provided with an unspecified bit rate and delivery time on a sharing basis bandwidth, which fluctuate based on the total number of users on the network at a time.

Internet Access Speed
The internet access speed depends on various factors such as access to some international websites could be slow due to traffic volume, etc. Some web servers restrict capacity to handle huge traffic demand or may even restrict download speed to ensure fair access to all users. Network congestion may be unavoidable due to network maintenance or outages. Running multiple applications at the same time such as peer-to-peer Bit Torrent, etc. can degrade the access speed. Multiple users sharing the connection at the same time can also degrade the speed. Some configurations of the PC operating systems can compromise the internet access performance. For the avoidance of doubt, the wireless connectivity might affect the speed of the internet access compared to the stabled wire-connection.

  • By registering, using and accessing PR1MA Communications Sdn. Bhd. Broadband Access Service and VOIP and/or any other services which may be provided by PR1MA Comm from time to time, I hereby agree to be bound and be subject to these terms and conditions as contained herein. (Please tick √)